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Welcome, my name is Princess Sylvysprit, and this is my music website, i'll archive my compositions here.
I hope you enjoy~

Release Date Order Song title Song purpose Listening options
Princess Sylvysprit
21/07/2017 Track 1 Jazz Blood and Wine for the Soul Boss theme .mp3 .wav .mid
Princess Sylvysprit
11/04/2017 Track 1 Lucid Dream of Alternating Coordinations Title screen theme .mp3 .wav .mid
11/04/2017 Track 2 Romantique Passage ~ Endless Road Stage 1 theme .mp3 .wav .mid
11/04/2017 Track 3 Absolute Encore ~ Messenger of the Fantastic Realm Stage 1 boss theme .mp3 .wav .mid
11/04/2017 Track 4 Dreamworld of Transcendence ~ Infinite Sky Stage 2 theme .mp3 .wav .mid
11/04/2017 Track 5 Materiality of Life ~ Multitrajectionary Spirituality Stage 2 boss theme .mp3 .wav .mid
11/04/2017 Track 6 Final Love Resolution Final stage theme .mp3 .wav .mid
11/04/2017 Track 7 Unlimited Idol Festival ~ Do Dodo Dododo Do Dododo Dodododo Duuuuuuuuuu Final boss theme .mp3 .wav .mid
Princess Sylvysprit
05/06/2016 Track 1 The Ocean of Floating Lights Boss rush concept .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
08/06/2016 Track 2 Traditional Darkness Final stage theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
09/06/2016 Track 3 Eternal Calefactionary Dreamscape Final boss theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
28/06/2016 Track 4 Fantasy Passage Bet Stage/boss hybrid .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
20/07/2016 Track 5 Invasion of the Other Side of Beauty Stage 1 theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
07/10/2016 Track 6 Fairy Millennium Dance Early boss theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
05/12/2016 Track 7 Metaphorical Square Arrange of an old original .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
Princess Sylvysprit
11/04/2016 Track 1 Melody of Monarchies Title theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 2 Ocarina of Liberty Stage 1 theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 3 Melancholy in Bloom Stage 1 boss theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 4 Lightless Illusion ~ Fantasy Daybreak Stage 2 theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 5 The Endless Dream of Radiance Stage 2 boss theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 6 The Skies that Travel Within You Stage 3 theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 7 Reimagined Nature Stage 3 boss theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 8 The Unending Sea of Metamorphosis True Last Boss theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 9 The Unending Sea of Peace Ending theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
11/04/2016 Track 10 Bard of the Soulfilled Skies (2016 version) Credits theme .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
02/08/2016 Bonus Track The Fighting Game that Travels Within You Fighting game-styled arrange .mp3 .wav
Princess Sylvysprit
15/08/2016 Day 1 Day 1 One song per day challange .mp3 .wav
16/08/2016 Day 2 Day 2 One song per day challange .mp3 .wav
17/08/2016 Day 3 Day 3 One song per day challange .mp3 .wav
18/08/2016 Day 4 Day 4 One song per day challange .mp3 .wav
19/08/2016 Day 5 Day 5 One song per day challange .mp3 .wav
20/08/2016 Day 6 Day 6 One song per day challange .mp3 .wav
21/08/2016 Day 7 Day 7 One song per day challange .mp3 .wav
Princess Sylvysprit
09/12/2014 Track 1 Twilight Festival ~ Wayward Transendance Early stage boss theme .mp3 .mid
13/12/2014 Track 2 Modernized Ancients ~ Distruth of Nature Extra stage boss theme .mp3 .mid
15/01/2015 Track 3 Bard of the Soulfilled Skies Early stage boss theme .mp3 .mid
24/01/2015 Track 4 Solitary Horizon ~ Subjective Passage Stage 4 theme .mp3 .mid
22/02/2015 Track 5 Liberation of Dawn ~ Brightness Frontier Stage/boss theme fusion .mp3 .mid
06/03/2015 Track 6 Surpassing Dominance ~ Illusionary Dualling Extra boss theme .mp3 .mid
13/04/2015 Track 7 Instable Ouverture ~ Fantasy Particle Stage 1 boss theme .mp3 .mid
19/04/2015 Track 8 Lightless Reverie ~ Serene Adversity Stage/boss theme fusion .mp3 .mid
Princess Sylvysprit
20/11/2014 Song 1 A Child's Heart and Mind Commission (original) .mp3
03/12/2014 Song 2 Forest Ruse ~ Night Deflection Commission (original) .mp3
15/01/2015 Song 3 Burning Blood ~ Azure Lightning Commission (original) .mp3
03/02/2015 Song 4 Force of Vexation Commission (original) .mp3
09/02/2015 Song 5 Cursed Melancholy ~ Sentient Lunacy Commission (original) .mp3
13/02/2015 Song 6 Heartfelt Fancy Arrange (Original by ZUN) Commission (arrange) .mp3
05/06/2016 Song 7 Untitled Commission (original) .wav
26/06/2017 Song 8 Are You a Real Villain? ~ We Are Number One Commission (arrange) .mp3 .wav
13/08/2017 Song 9 Eyes That See Only Sorrow Commission (original) .mp3 .wav
14/09/2017 Song 10 Phantasms' Waltz Commission (original) .mp3 .wav
Princess Sylvysprit
04/11/2014 Song 1 When the Extra Boss isn't Home Joke .mp3
17/11/2014 Song 2 Magic Gathering ~ Transparantastic Object Joke .mp3
31/12/2014 Song 3 Early Night Stage Experimental .mp3 .mid
13/03/2015 Song 4 Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream (Original by ZUN) Remaster/arrange .mp3 .mid
22/04/2015 Song 5 Royal Lunarian ~ Crescent Symphony Joke .mp3 .mid
10/05/2015 Song 6 Desscend of Moonlight ~ Heart Pounding Panic ??? .mp3
11/05/2015 Song 7 Eclipsed Divinity ~ Fullest Moon ??? .mp3
27/07/2015 Song 8 Demon of the Soulreaped Skies Arrange/reimagining .mp3 .ogg .mid
12/08/2015 Song 9 Reawakening Wolf Instinct (Original by Senpi) Arrange .mp3 .ogg .mid
12/09/2015 Song 10 The Chains of Destiny RPG Boss Theme .mp3 .ogg
16/09/2015 Song 11 An Apple Disaster (Original by Toby "Radiation" Fox) Arrange/joke .mp3 .ogg .mid
16/10/2015 Song 12 Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (Original by ZUN) Remaster/arrange .ogg .wav .mid
27/01/2016 Song 13 Battle Against a True Hero (Original by Toby "Radiation" Fox) Arrange .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
23/02/2016 Song 14 Sailor of Time (Original by ZUN) Remaster/arrange .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
28/04/2016 Song 15 Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream (Original by ZUN) Remaster/arrange .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
06/05/2016 Song 16 Girl's Divinity ~ Pandora's Box (Original by ZUN) Remaster/arrange .mp3 .ogg .wav .mid
12/09/2016 Song 17 Yet Another Random Encounter RPG-style battle theme .mp3 .ogg .wav
25/10/2016 Song 18 Gangnam Style 2 Experimental/Halloween .mid .mp3 .ogg .wav
05/11/2016 Song 19 GO MY WAY!! (Original by Satoru Kousaki) Arrange .mid .mp3 .ogg .wav
27/09/2016 Song 20 Sleeping Terror (Original by ZUN) Remaster/arrange .mid .mp3 .wav
16/04/2017 Song 21 Sylpheed (Original by Daisuke Achiwa) Arrange .mid .mp3 .wav
20/04/2017 Song 22 Seasonical Astronomy Fantasy Joke .mid .mp3 .wav
07/05/2017 Song 23 Beware of the Umbrella Left There Forever (Original by ZUN) Arrange .mid .mp3 .wav
04/06/2017 Song 24 Bard of the Soulfilled Skies 2017 Version Arrange .mid .mp3 .wav
13/06/2017 Song 25 Youkai Disco (Yokai is not the same as Youkai) Experimental/Bootleg .mp3 .wav
14/06/2017 Song 26 The Most Melancholic Dream Experimental/Piano Only .mid .mp3 .wav
25/06/2017 Song 27 Le Fidget Spinner Oder Le Baguette Birthday Gift/Mana-ish .wav
23/09/2017 Song 28 House Set of Graceful Danmaku Festival - Ocarina of Liberty House/Parody .mp3 .wav

All music on this page is composed/arranged by me, unless stated otherwise.
I do not own some of the banner images, they are property of their respective owners, all other graphics belong to me.
There was like an old line here about permissions but it wasn't really relevant anymore in 2024 so i removed it, check the main page instead of this old page, this is mostly here for archival purposes.
Special thanks to an old friend.
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