Princess Sylvysprit

Hello hello~! I'm Princess Sylvysprit, i'm a videogame composer from the Netherlands.
Music is my life passion, and this website is dedicated to sharing it with you.
You can find my music archive bellow here!

2020 update: i don't really update this website anymore

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You can find my music in this section, click on the category to expand it, and then click on the song to listen to it.

2018 is not done yet, so i cannot describe it yet.
So far, is has been pretty good actually, i feel like my depression is nearing its end.
Strawberry Heaven Conquest was very fun to make, and i'm working hard on indie game music now!
Strawberry Heaven Conquest ~ Reimagined Nature 11/04/2018
The Great Spring Offensive Adventure 11/04/2018
Circulation of the Holy Mountain ~ Stratosphere Symphony 11/04/2018
Bisaxual 11/04/2018
Strawberry Heaven Conquest ~ Fairy Millennium Dance 11/04/2018
Strawberry Street 11/04/2018
Vengeance 11/04/2018
Ledgehop and Chill 11/04/2018
Unlockable Girl ~ Star Azure Fantasy 11/04/2018
Parfait Ballet Pirouette (arrange) 07/05/2018
Dialgas Fight to the Finish Arrange(original from PMD2) 29/05/2018
Gravity UFO Style Arrange (original by Daisuke Amaya) 04/06/2018
Pristine Unboxing 22/06/2018
Heather's theme 01/07/2018
An Endless Artifical Life 12/07/2018
Sunset Divergence 03/08/2018
VS Champion Cynthia (arrange) 25/08/2018
Despacitouhou 27/08/2018
Cirno arrange (original by ZUN) 09/09/2018
Bad Apple Remaster/Arrange (original by ZUN) 25/09/2018
Title - Theme of Yuuto Story (Theme of Eastern Story arrange) 14/07/2018
Stage 1 - Yuuto Lake (Lunate Elf arrange) 14/07/2018
Boss 1 - Cirno Invades Yuuto (Beloved Tomboyish Girl arrange) 14/07/2018
Stage 2 - Chinese Yuuto (Chinese Tea arrange) 14/07/2018
Boss 2 - Magus Yuuto (Magus Night arrange) 14/07/2018
Stage 3 - Yuuto Library (Locked Girl arrange) 14/07/2018
Final Boss - Purple Yuuto (Locked Girl arrange) 14/07/2018
2017 was a pretty good year, i released my first album, and made my first steps to become more professional.
The Hyper Dream of Cheap (made in 3 hours) 07/11/2017
Conflict in the Bargain Bin (made in 3 hours) 07/11/2017
KOWAI SUGOI DESU (made in 3 hours) 07/11/2017
Lucid Dream of Alternating Coordinations 11/04/2017
Romantique Passage ~ Endless Road 11/04/2017
Absolute Encore ~ Messenger of the Fantastic Realm 11/04/2017
Dreamworld of Transcendence ~ Infinite Sky 11/04/2017
Materiality of Life ~ Multitrajectionary Spirituality 11/04/2017
Final Love Resolution 11/04/2017
Unlimited Idol Festival ~ Do Dodo Dododo Do Dododo Dodododo Duuuuuuuuuu 11/04/2017
Sylpheed (original by Daisuke Achiwa) 16/04/2017
Seasonical Astronomy Fantasy 20/04/2017
Beware of the Umbrella Left There Forever (original by ZUN) 07/05/2017
Bard of the Soulfilled Skies (2017 version) 04/06/2017
Youkai Disco (Yokai is not the same as Youkai) 13/06/2017
The Most Melancholic Dream 14/06/2017
Le Fidget Spinner Oder Le Baguette 25/06/2017
Are You a Real Villain? ~ We Are Number One (arrange) 26/06/2017
Jazz Blood and Wine for the Soul 21/07/2017
Eyes That See Only Sorrow 13/08/2017
Phantasms' Waltz 14/09/2017
House Set of Graceful Danmaku Festival - Ocarina of Liberty 23/09/2017
2016 was a big year, it was a year of trying to go back to the basics.
I released my shmup game, Graceful Danmaku Festival, and after that, i worked on the music i just felt like making and did some commissions.
I also joined a meme channel on YouTube called GiIvaSunner, where the goal was to trick people into thinking they were listening to a song, but then surprising them with various things.
Then the channel got deleted and it started again as SiIvaGunner, but i was only active in 2016 really.
It was pretty fun though.
The Ocean of Floating Lights 05/06/2016
Traditional Darkness 08/06/2016
Eternal Calefactionary Dreamscape 09/06/2016
Fantasy Passage Bet 28/06/2016
Invasion of the Other Side of Beauty 20/07/2016
Fairy Millennium Dance 07/10/2016
Metaphorical Square 05/12/2016
Day 1 15/08/2016
Day 2 16/08/2016
Day 3 17/08/2016
Day 4 18/08/2016
Day 5 19/08/2016
Day 6 20/08/2016
Day 7 21/08/2016
Melody of Monarchies 11/04/2016
Ocarina of Liberty 11/04/2016
Melancholy in Bloom 11/04/2016
Lightless Illusion ~ Fantasy Daybreak 11/04/2016
The Endless Dream of Radiance 11/04/2016
The Skies that Travel Within You 11/04/2016
Reimagined Nature 11/04/2016
The Unending Sea of Metamorphosis 11/04/2016
The Unending Sea of Peace 11/04/2016
Bard of the Soulfilled Skies (2016 version) 11/04/2016
The Fighting Game that Travels Within You 02/08/2016
Battle Against a True Hero (original by Toby Fox) 27/01/2016
Sailor of Time (original by ZUN) 23/02/2016
Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream (original by ZUN) 28/04/2016
Girl's Divinity ~ Pandora's Box (original by ZUN) 06/05/2016
SuPer Hypothetical RPG Battle Theme 12/09/2016
Sleeping Terror (original by ZUN) 27/09/2016
Gangnam Style 2 25/10/2016
GO MY WAY!! (Original by Satoru Kousaki) 05/11/2016
2015 was a bad year for me, it marked the start of my depression.
When i go back to the music i made around this time, i can feel that my emotions influenced some of my choices.
But surprisingly, some of these choices turned out for the better, so i started to embrace my emotions more when making music.
Burning Blood ~ Azure Lightning 15/01/2015
Force of Vexation 03/02/2015
Cursed Melancholy ~ Sentient Lunacy 09/02/2015
Heartfelt Fancy Arrange (original by ZUN) 13/02/2015
Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream (original by ZUN) 13/03/2015
Royal Lunarian ~ Crescent Symphony 22/04/2015
Descend of Moonlight ~ Heart Pounding Panic 10/05/2015
Eclipsed Divinity ~ Fullest Moon 11/05/2015
Demon of the Soulreaped Skies 24/07/2015
Reawakening Wolf Instinct (original by Senpi) 12/08/2015
The Chains of Destiny 12/09/2015
AN APPLE DISASTER (original by Toby Fox) 16/09/2015
Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (original by ZUN) 16/10/2015
2014 description
Twilight Festival ~ Wayward Transendance 09/12/2014
Modernized Ancients - Distruth of Nature 13/12/2014
Bard of the Soulfilled Skies 15/01/2015
Solitary Horizon ~ Subjective Passage 24/01/2015
Liberation of Dawn ~ Bright Frontier 22/02/2015
Surpassing Dominance ~ Illusionary Dualling 06/03/2015
Instable Ouverture ~ Fantasy Particle 13/04/2015
Lightless Reverie ~ Serene Adversity 19/04/2015
When the Extra Boss isn't Home 04/11/2014
Magic Gathering ~ Transparantastic Object 17/11/2014
A Child's Heart and Mind 20/11/2014
Forest Ruse ~ Night Deflection 03/12/2014
Early Night Stage 31/12/2014

All music on this website is composed/arranged by me, unless stated otherwise.
You have permission to use all my songs for non profit purposes, crediting me is required if you wish to use my work.
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